Teara Ashby


“Meadowsweet Photography”

Teara Ashby has deep educational roots in the fields of health care and sciences. She began by completing an Associate’s Degree in Applied Chemistry and Biology at Camosun College in Victoria, BC with a laboratory internship in Breast Cancer Research at the Royal Jubilee Hospital.

She then completed first aid training to become a paramedic, and eventually an assistant coroner in Victoria. After her reconnaissance in the real world, she returned to the University of Victoria to complete a Bachelor’s in Science with a double major in Biochemistry and Microbiology before heading to Toronto to earn a Doctorate in Chiropractic at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College. Still not satisfied, Teara completed her training at the Vancouver Campus of the Canadian School of Osteopathy, Manual Practice. Here she presented a thesis entitled The Quantum Body: A Qualitative Exploration of Sutherland’s Fluid Intelligence which was awarded the Andrew Taylor Still Award for Excellence. In addition to her extensive formal education, Teara mentored directly under Geneviève Forget, DO, Bernard Darraillans, DO(F), and René Briend, DO(F). She is the Assistant Instructor of the Human Cadaver Workshop through the Massage Therapy Institute in Davis, California, and runs two popular public workshops on understanding hormones and the internal visceral anatomy. Teara is currently writing a book on The Quantum Body, which amends our outdated understanding of the human body to incorporate new discoveries in water research as it relates to the fields of quantum physics, biology and chemistry.

Canadian School of Osteopathy, Vancouver Campus                     2007 ~ 2012
Vancouver, British Columbia

Recipient of the Andrew Taylor Still Award for Excellence in Research for the Graduate Thesis titled The Quantum Body: A Qualitive Exploration of Sutherland’s Fluid Intelligence

Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College                                      1998 ~ 2002
Toronto, Ontario

Clinical internship at Anishnawbe Health Toronto, an Aboriginal Community Health Center whose interdisciplinary model of health care is based on traditional practices and approaches.

University of Victoria                                                                     1997 ~ 1998
Victoria, British Columbia

Bachelor’s Degree in Science, with a double major in Biochemistry and Microbiology.

Camosun College – Lansdowne Campus                                       1992 ~ 1996
Victoria, British Columbia

Associates Degree in Applied Chemistry and Biology with Laboratory Internship in Breast Cancer Research at the Royal Jubilee Hospital in Victoria.

Continuing Education 

2022    Quantum Biology Wellness Summit                                                             Catherine Clinton, ND           
2022    Endocranial Spasm II                                                                                     Geneviève Forget, DO
2022    UNDA Numbered Compounds                                                                     Dickson Thom, ND
2022    Post-Partum & Osteopathy                                                                            Anne-Julie Morand, DO
2022    Gemmotherapy: Key Applications for Clinical Practice                                Mikhael Adams, ND
2021    Coming to a Better Understanding of W.G. Sutherland                                Jane Stark, DOMP
2021    Immune Spotlight: Targeting the Terrain for Optimal Health                       Jacqueline Cooper, ND
2021    How to Choose an Effective Probiotic                                                           Jacqueline Cooper, ND
2021    The Role of Histamines in Mental Health                                                      Peter Bongiorno, ND
2021     Whole Body Heath, The Role of Probiotics                                                 Nigel Plummer, PhD
2020     Quantum Alignment System Professional Training - Levels 1 & 2               Karen Curry Parker
2020     Human Design Professional Training - Levels 1 & 2                                    Karen Curry Parker
2020     Ontario College of Homeopathic Medicine - First Year
2016-2020  Biokinetic and Biodynamic Teachings in the Science of Osteopathy       René Briend, DO
2017     Psycho-Neuro-Immuno-Endocrinology in Osteopathy                                Bernard Darraillans, DO
2017     Neurosciences Applied to Osteopathy                                                          Anne-Julie Morand, DO
2017     Obstetrics and Gynecology                                                                           Anne-Julie Morand, DO
2016     Anatomy and Ontogenesis of the Human within the Osteopathic Field       Jean-Paul Höppner, DO
2015     Association for Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health Congress
2015     Microbiome and Health                                                                                 Nigel Plummer, PhD
2015     Energetic and Postural Osteopathy                                                               François Amigues, DO
2015     Kootenay Birth Congress
2015     Human Cadaver Dissection Workshop
2014     Biodynamic Osteopathy and the Brain - An Advanced Study                        Bernard Darraillans, DO
2014     Kootenay Birth Congress
2014     Human Cadaver Dissection Workshop
2013     Biodynamic Osteopathy and the Chakras                                                      Bernard Darraillans, DO
2013     The Embryo in Us - Understanding Ourselves as Embryo                           Jaap van der Wal, PhD
2012     Endocranial Spasm - Courses I & II                                                               Geneviève Forget, DO
2012     The Three Doors                                                                                           Pierrette Cyr, DO
2012     Advanced Biodynamic Osteopathy                                                                Bernard Darraillans, DO
2012     Visceral Osteopathy                                                                                       Peter Würl, DO
2012     Third International Fascia Congress
2012     Advanced Palpation Seminar                                                                         Geneviève Forget, DO
2011     German New Medicine - Courses III & IV                                                   Caroline Markolin, PhD
2010-2011    GDS Muscle Chains Method - Courses 1 to 6                                      Bernard Valentin, PT
2009     German New Medicine - Courses I & II                                                       Caroline Markolin, PhD
2006     Motion Palpation Technique                                                                          Terry Elder, DC

2022                           Clinical Skills, aka Quantum Rabbit Holes in Osteopathy
2022                           Quantum Body: Structured Water in Living Systems
2021                           Pregnant Mom Workshop
2021                           Structured Water in Living Systems
2020-Present              Osteopathic Mentorship Program
2019                           Moms & Babes Workshop
2012-2015                  Mentorship Program, Canadian School of Osteopathy
2014-2015                  Assistant Instructor, Human Cadaver Workshop
2013                            Neurological and Orthopedic Assessment Techniques
2011-2015                  Embodying Your Anatomy Workshop
2011-2015                  Hormone Workshop
1995-1996                  Lymphagenesis: An Alternative to Angiogenesis in Breast Cancer Development

Teaching Experience
Professional Experience

2021-Present               Peer Reviewer, WATER - Multidisciplinary Research Journal
2021-Present               International Thesis Jury